Saturday Morning Collection of Thoughts

It's October!

I know I have not been on here since the challenge and I am sorry. I am here this morning with a post finally! I think it's a pretty decent one, so I like to think. This morning I woke up with pondering inner thoughts. My thoughts consisted about everything in my life in general at the moment to a collection of things since starting school again. I thought what better than to come on here and make a post about it to share these pondering feelings. Sometimes, I think a little too much but I always try to find some understanding in my thoughts from others.



--->> Always say what you feel 

--->> Always give better of yourself instead of less

--->> Respect that you're uniquely as beautiful and genuinely as smart

--->> Never underestimate your abilities or sell yourself short 

--->> Always stay positive about the thing you truly want 

--->>  Keep an open heart even when you're given disappointments 

--->> Allow your whole self to be okay with the possibility of things you want

--->> Let go of the past or whatever is weighing on your heart, because there is something so much better awaiting for your soul 

--->> Ask a million questions, because that is the only way you will know the answer 

--->> Stay humble

--->> Always be grateful for the things you're given, have and cherish those, because the grass isn't really greener on the other side 

--->>  Continue to help even when it seems as though you don't get anything in return, because it will come back tenfold

--->>  When you feel defeated or failure within your heart raise the bar that much higher, to do that much better

--->> Always listen to people and their story, don't get self-absorbed within yourself & your life

--->> Always send encouraging words when those that require them truly do need your love 

--->> Focus on the present moment and what it has to offer along with holds 

--->> Believe that miracles happen everyday & whatever miracle you`re hoping for can will come true

--->>  Always have the best intentions at heart 

--->> Always keep beautiful positive people around you 

--->> Once you see your life is calm, you realize your attempt in always pleasing others is effortless, because life isn't about that

--->> All the heaviness in your heart let God help you with that and even when your hearts calm still thank HIM for the blessings you have 

the lord is my shepherd 
i lack nothing

--->> psalm 23

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