#26 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer


this is the end & this is my self-portrait

  • today has been such a gloomy day for me. It also has been pretty gloomy out this morning. When I had to go back for my one last class in the afternoon it had started to rain sprinkle, but now it's raining ever since I left school and came home. Since finishing school though I ended up cleaning my whole place, because I felt it needed a good whole cleaning. You know when you are starting to feel sick or something, so maybe everything just needs a good cleaning? Yeah I did that for a good hour and twenty minutes. I am now here writing this last post of the challenge. After I finish posting this up I'll either tackle making some food or start on homework, still a bit early and not so. However, I am not too sure, yet... maybe I'll end up reading some posts I have saved in my bookmarks to read that I haven't gotten around to reading yet.

    Not much else to really say other than, thank you, truly for following along and reading my posts on this challenge. My second last thought is that the construction of my blog should be together no later than Friday I am hoping. If it takes any longer, please bare with me at this time. I will be doing posts of my own now once again, now that this challenge is over. Sorry there wasn't really any over the time period of this challenge, but I didn't really want to take up extra posts with me blogging everyday. :) If there is anything you would like me to talk about or mention, you can leave it in the comments or email me and I can plan future posts along the topic or question.

    Thank you again, truly
    & thank you to Kaihla Tonai for this fun challenge to start off the month of September!! 

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