A Sunday, Things I'm Into..

Hello Sunday!! :) 

I thought I would come on here and do another blog post for today and make it about things that I am into lately. I hope you enjoy! :) 

-->> Making rainbow cupcakes! {I haven't made these for years and we are having a bake sale at school, so I made 39 cupcakes and making 48 more today! 

-->> Experimenting with colours not knowing what we will get when making the cupcakes

-->> Having interesting deep conversations face to face

-->> Getting away here and there on the weekends for a break, feels so nice and nice to be in a different surrounding atmosphere to rejuvenate 

-->> Scaring my friend while hanging out this weekend! Haha!!

-->> Taylor Swift latest songs off her new album coming out tomorrow!! 

-->> Pleats and dyeing ideas for design

-->> Having a couple grouped shared secret pinterest boards with my friend for inspiration to design

-->> Inspirational music lately has felt really nice to listen to over other things

-->> Listening to sermons have also felt really nice to feel calm but also open my mind and heart to things

-->> Asking a lot of questions or saying a lot of things on my mind instead of keeping it to myself and constantly pondering it over and over in my head

-->> Not really caring about my phone or other social media things to be honest; I like enjoying the moments and crazy weirdness that comes about with tons of laughter

-->> Nashville the tv show <3 

-->> Researching anything to do with fashion for school or in general 

I think that is it for this post and I hope you enjoyed! 

Happy Sunday
{Hopefully it's not as windy where you are. :) }

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