#15 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer


A moment I am proud of...

  • would be graduating from my old program with my certificate April 2014. I say old, because my program got redesigned and is brand new this year. I of course came back to do that, because I always wanted more than a certificate. Some people may have considered that first year a waste, but education is never a waste if it's something you're passionate about to learn. Don't get me wrong not everything in your passion you will like, for example certain tasks, but you can learn to develop to like them for sure. Possibly, you may never learn to develop to like it, but you can have the ability to do it, to hustle to make your dreams a reality. This was my proudest moment in my life. I never have ever attended any of my graduations in my life, because I never felt proud to attend those. My elementary and grade nine grad, never attended; my grade twelve grad I also never attended either. This was really a special proud moment for me, because no matter what everyone else thought of my career path I still went through with it and completed it. :) This life isn't about what others think is best for you, it's what you think is best for yourself, so if you're struggling because of negativity keep doing what your heart is telling you. I can guarantee you, your life will love you that much more for sticking with what you know is best for your inner soul and what sparks it's flare

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