#14 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer


2011, October 13.

  • The day I flew all by myself for the very first time to do a photo session with Meg Courtney in Kelowna B.C. I was super excited, but I was also nervous with kind of nervous butterflies for flying on my own for the first time.  I was also twenty-three I believe at the time. I managed, and everything worked out smoothly. I haven't been back, to Kelowna for a really, really, really long time. I had been there before for vacation with my family years ago also. Being there that day, it had changed so much from when I had been there. It also was so cool to finally meet meg in person. She's such a beauty, thoughtful and so inspiring. {I totally also read through everything that was on her blog and found out everything about her before I had contacted her and after I did.} I knew I wanted to get photos from this type of way and not from sears, walmart etc. I am so glad that I took the plunge and went with it. It was such an honor to have her to take my photos. Since that time I have watched her business grow along with her fan base and she is super incredibly talented, inspiring, and a intelligent thoughtful soul. Her photography is so stunning... so much that her work always blows my mind out of the water every time, on every session she does with her wedding/engagement sessions, which she now specializes in. The experience was so good with her that it became my new obsession to get photos from then on out this way, even if it wasn't from her continuing onto my future at the present moment, that is now. I have since then did a photo session again {with someone else} in 2013, August 01, but my experience definitely didn't compare in an experience such as hers.
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     also is something that I really love looking at and also love, love, love when people write about couples! Those posts are my favourite along with the images of course included. Some of my favourite photographers that I follow regularly have such incredible style and skills, that I hope I get to have a session with them done someday.

    If you like to know some of my all time photographers along with Meg Courtney I adore, love and read every.single post they put out would be these TOP THREE; I do follow others also, but these are my regulars that I check out on a consistent basis'.

  • Kahila Tonai, {She made this challenge} I really really love her work and photos. I also love her writing and what she has to share. It always seems to be on point on something I am going through or needed to read. I would love to do a photo session with her, a winter one I think would be super cool and fun! Her style also is super incredible, which also comes through in her photography. Her latest session of Sam + Reece, so stunning -- eye popping hearts stunning! {I also have watched Kaihla from the beginning ever since I heard about her from Meg Courtney & her working with her because of school.}
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  • Jamie Delanie, Her photos are so beautiful and my favourite are the ones she took in the fog of Emily & Lane. I swoon over all the photos she's taken of them. {A) B) C)} All her photos she takes are breath taking and her writing!! I love reading her writing when she writes, especially when she would do a post on God I loved it. It helped me get a better understanding and she writes them so well. She recently got married and all that story is posted on her blog, which if you want to read click here. She is so gorgeous also and her thoughts & stories about her husband are so fun to read, but also gives you perspective from her blog posts and God. I love that, how love + God work. It really is so beautiful. Go read her stuff, it really is so.good! Oh ps. her brother and now sister-in-law just got married and that is on her blog! The video for it is so beautiful. Go watch it!
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  • David Guenther, has only recently in the spring time been added to my roster of photographers to follow. I only heard of him by pure, genuine luck from hello tomorrow mentioning they get to work with him on a fb status or post. And what they said about him was so true! He is genius, incredibly talented & his images make me love his work even more. They are that good, so good that if I had a boyfriend I would want to shoot with him for photos + engagement photos. I just love his style and cant.get.enough! My heart sparks like a hot air balloon in the sky whenever I look at photos his shot for people. His latest session that is on his blog, so, so GOOD!
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All photographers blogs are linked within their name, so click it and read; follow; comment; let them know how awesome their work is! For Jamie Delanie everything linked in my writing for her are different posts, so click all those to read & view. I hope you have gain some new favourites if none or some of these are your favourite but not all. And social media is also linked in case that is your flow of style to view quickly. :) 

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