#13 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer




I was visiting my aunt, uncle, cousin and his girlfriend last weekend for a lunch and was taken to a local place called owl. The menu was pretty sweet and the food was so delicious! I mean so, delicious! I would go back there again, but if I didn't bother to visit with my extended family I actually wouldn't be here talking about this place. I got the boston hot brown sandwich {grilled chicken topped with bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese} .. just thinking about it makes my mouth water, it was soooo sooo good!! I wish I would have taken an actually photo of my food that day, but I never did. {This isn't my hometown location, just visiting family, so thought it should be shared.}


  • For those that were probably expecting a local from my hometown where I was born and raised then I would have to choose remedy cafe as a local spot I go with friends when I meet up with them to catch up about life. It's authentic chai and Indian food that is open late to hang out. It is usually always packed whenever we go or even if we don't and we pass by it's bustling with people inside all the time. 

{The following photo is mine and is tandoori chicken wrap which I had peach Italian Soda along with, that is not photographed.}

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