#12 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer


I am definitely more a tea person with an exception...

This cup is the second year it's been with me while away in school.
It's from one of my besties and is one of my favourite of
many others I have back at home. I love the design along
with the saying on the other side, which says "If friends
were flowers I'd pick you." Super cute! 

  • My tea choices are usually green tea for the most part when I select most definitely from a coffee shop. I do experiment with teas here and there, sometimes there are ones that I am like no, that is not made for me. My other two favourite teas would have to be white tea {white tea, cool peppermint and a hint of ginger} and I love the Oprah's chai tea {cinnamon, black tea, ginger, carob pieces, black pepper, natural falvor, chicory root, roobios, cloves, cardamom.} I always put in honey, nothing else. {My favourite way of having it} Oooh I can't forget my other favourite ginger root tea that my mom makes when I am not feeling too hot. If I do have coffee, it usually is anything that is ice coffee or frappuccino, however I don't have those too often. It all depends on what I feel like wanting to have to have one of those ones. I definitely took out tea today, even though it is already 21 celsius out and suppose to get to 27 celsius. I am just freezing cold. Probably also didn't help having to be outside at 7:30 am in the morning because the fire alarm went off and getting ready super quickly for school at 8:30 am with squeezing in a shower. You know when you shower so close to when you need to be somewhere and then you're freezing the whole time, yeah that happened today. Tea was in need but also for my cough that I have been having for a few days now. Other than everything I mentioned up there; I am going to head off and do homework and go attend another class in an hour and forty-five minutes. I wanted to get this up during my break right now, so I wouldn't forget, but also so that it was done early. :) I hope your Tuesday morning was pretty cool morning and the rest of your day is going smoothly. 

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