#11 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer


As of right now at this very specific moment...

  • Sitting here eating supper and catching up on some things on the internet is my way of quiet for the day, before I get into homework for the rest of tonight. I was in classes all day and working on assignments that are due, which I then made a quick grocery run after leaving school. I am kind of glad I did it today, because I am not too sure about the rest of the week and assignments as to how they will be going along. This was really my first quiet moment of today to relax, by myself and chill out. Who doesn't love food or to eat.. I mean come on that is a necessity over here on my end, but also I lovee food. Oh and green tea nestea is my absolute favorite drink! {one of a few}. There was the morning before class also for a small bit that was really calm and the sun shining in, but it started out of loudness again, so it a was an in between, hence why I didn't really post about this morning. Morning quietness is my favorite though I have to admit, especially when the sunrise hits, glorious beauty in it's finest. 
{ps. this is number eleven which makes this post pretty lucky I'd say and so was the photo number on my computer. --- :) 

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