#10 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer


What I wouldn't give to be barefoot in the sand
in a tropical paradise.. 

  • Since that is not a realistic option at the moment my barefoot and bed is the second best thing. :) Especially since it's a Sunday morning what better way to capture them in pj's. It is super quiet, calm and no one really is up yet. {You are probably wondering why I am up at 8:30 am doing a post, but that's because for the second day in a row on this week I've been woken up. I've been woken up by my neighbor and with their blaring TV at 7 am in the morning! Come on, it's the weekend and I already have to get up super early during the week. -- disappointed} Here I am blogging super early on a pretty Sunday, with a pretty window view and sunshine included. Oh and with my warm fleece pj pants that are totally hello kitty
- I hope your Sunday let you sleep in a bit. ;)

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