life in a small nut shell

that's over
what went through you 
broke the spell 
but until it 
makes you stronger
what don't kill you
hurts like hell
- m.b

I know it is already the 8th of February and I have not yet come on here for a long while. school.. you know it eats you up and splashes you around into different areas of things in life. I haven't really thought of any major goals for this month (February) to be honest. I kind of lacked on some of the goals for January to be truthfully honest. Also January was a hard month, a first hard month of a new year. I never really saw obstacles coming about that did, it was so left field, if you really ask me. I guess that is what life is about challenging you to do things you never thought would come about. It also helps you to grow or realize things you never really put forth the thought fully, but yet at the same time you did. I feel last month was a lot of figuring out things in my head that pertained to life. It was hard, it was a struggle for sure. Some thing to be honest I never thought I would have to really deal with in a way. And yeah, maybe that sounds shallow to say, but I couldn't put it better any other way than that. 

I am super grateful for all the wonderful things I had received in 2013 and the people that I continue to be apart of my life. I know has turned into a small portion of people each year, yet at the same time opens up spaces in my life for new people who are suppose to be there for which ever reason the universe wants them to be apart of my life or journey. I am so fortunate to have come across a couple of new lovely, amazing, incredible people. It's funny though as I walking home yesterday that the thought that clicked into my head was that of "funny how the people who are kind of strangers to you - in the sense you don't know each other too well" is a lot more reassuring, helpful and willing to listen to the people you've come to know over years. It a funny thing.. life, friendships, love, etc. Life always sends some amazing people in life when you need it most. I definitely have come across a few in different ways that I am totally cool to talk about anything and everything without hesitation. It's not everyday in life you come across people like that so easily. I think being open to the possibility of things also helps. Being open to new things, ideas and letting go of the past can allow for new beautiful things to strike through. 

My life in January seemed like a fudgesicle on a hot sunny day melting away, as sad as that may sound, it makes me laugh - which probably sounds so twisted but it does. My life definitely got some rattles for this start of year, which can be hard, scary or a struggle but I believe at the end of those hardships comes great things, great opportunities and things you never imagine to possibly come to you. The risks you take for yourself, that is what matters most, because in life sometimes you have to allow you self to be completely and utterly selfish. You have to figure out you, what you stand for, what you like or what you don't like. Life is a puzzle and the pieces that were together can sometimes fall apart and that's okay. Pieces falling apart are probably what needs to take place in order for something extraordinary to happen to you. I believe that awesome, beautiful, amazing things are going to happen for the rest of the year, especially for you reading this. 

The most divine things are going to come about you never thought in a million years. This year, and these days coming along into your life they're going to be spectacular. So spectacular you won't even have the words to express. You'll have your dreams, close friends, family and maybe the love of your life - or maybe that love of your life will enter into your life when you least expect to this year. You know the type that jumps in front of out of know where and you never saw it coming at ALL, not even the tip of an iceberg falling down into the water splashing into the ocean saw coming. Life is funny that way, but life can make miracles happen 

Each day that has been hard the universe in some way has given me those little miracles, that twinkle that captures the heart and makes the cheeks blush in rose bush blossoms of peonies. I love, live and dream of those little moments they get me through the hard days. They make the harder moments in life splash with glitter sparkle and flying string balloon happiness. 

The thoughts you never really thought possibly or did but never really put thought into it has now said things you never imagined would come from your mind. I find it crazy those thoughts, the ones the leak out things you never thought you would hear yourself say in a million years. Even more so the things you keep hidden or would normally take you a whole lotta of stackable pancakes longer to share, you automatically have no hesitation. I like when life lets you open up to share things you never would a year ago, two years ago, three years ago, heck even 5 years or so more ago. 

I like dreams; especially BIG DREAMS they allow for the impossible to become possible. Right now in this moment you are probably going.. my list of things I want to achieve this year is not going to happen, but really if you wait and see a whole 85% of those things can definitely happen. Yeah sure maybe 100 even so too, but 85% is still a pretty strong number to consider. 

I also have felt the whole I dont really know what is happen right now in my life, the weird.. odd maybe even awful feeling inside, but most the times those feelings have break throughs. BIG GINORMOUS break throughs into your life of incredible beauty and happiness; excitement. I am in a way still waiting for those break throughs. I know I definitely have been given such an astounding of angels into my life. Yeah there are those should of, would of, could of moments, but sometimes its all in the universes timing. Its not up to you sometimes to dictate the outcome of something, but also allowing yourself to be open minded can give your life beautiful gorgeous things; vaulable things that you when always treasure; moments you know you can never get back or replace. I live for those moments. I hope you do too. 

This month I want you to have balloons floating in your heart of dreams, wishes, ideas, thoughts, positive energies, but I also want you learn about something or someone new. I learned this week about someone new, someone I never really talk to but made me open my eyes to be impressed in a wow factor way why didn't we hangout before. I believe moments like that put things into perspective for you, make you realize things you never thought of or saw coming. 

For this month I feel my goal(s) should really be simple, precious and will have an impact on me for this month. 


x do things that normally wouldn't allow yourself to have the opportunity to for whatever reason
x be happy and full of laughter + positive 
x take a big risk to something always think about or thought about but never would allow to happen
x be okay that life can be a little chaotic in the sense that your life is rumbling because most of the times, some kind of wonderful is coming your way
x do you and be completely happy with you, your life, thoughts, everything because at the end of the day it is your life and you have to live in
x treasure all the moments that make your heart happy; oh and maybe even try to be stalker-ish to some, ha! - yeah me dying of laughter inside of the funny life moments. 

This is my short goal list, nothing crazy; just simply simple. However, the second goal is really the big main goal i feel. 

share your thoughts, 
your ideas; goals for this month
or simply share your life in a nutshell. 

Happy February & Happy Saturday. 

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