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Hello January 05, 2014!

I know I haven't written out my goals yet for this month, that I would like to achieve. I thought today was a good day to get on it before my official first day of semester two starts. :)

I had my goals last year for the month of December, which I only completed two goals out of the five. I think that was my least achievable month yet to date. This is a new year with a fresh start, so I am going to start it off good and right! So here is to the new year, new monthly goals that will continue on for 2014! Here is this month's goals.. enjoy! I hope you decide to make some of your own goals! ;)


x what others think of me is none of my business 
x complete my homework right away along with split it up and do a little bit of everything
x manage my time wiser when it comes to homework and studying
x review everything I learnt right after i am taught it each day
x focus on the ones that matter and have been constantly there for me
x make time for myself to do other things besides homework only
x write letters about my month to my close friends
x read on the weekends for any amount of time I have available 
x only check apps on my phone once in the morning and once a night to free up time being on stuck on my phone when I could be doing something more productive or useful to myself

I think this is all that I have or can think of for my January goals! I think that is a lot to start off the fresh new year, but I think that is a good way to start! I will see you here in February for those goals, but I hope you achieve all the ones you decide to make yourself this month. Happy chasing & Happy New Year again! 



  1. I also wanted to let you know I'm changed my domain and I want to make sure to keep up with my blogging buddies-my new domain is . So if you don't mind taking a minute to update that I'm bloglovin, I will greatly appreciate it.