The First Day of A New Year ! ;)


It's January 1st, 2014! A brand new year, the first of the brand new year and there is 364 possibilities awaiting to happen. There are obstacles in the distance waiting to storm across life when it thinks it needs to or thinks you need it. And it doesn't even matter if everything seems to be going good. Some times you need those moments to challenge yourself or your current life situation to realize the beauty within the whole picture that you're not allowing yourself to see fully or clearly. 

I am super excited for this new year! I have been literally since school has started to be truthfully honest. I would ponder among my mind different things, ideas, travels, places.. pretty much anything and everything that felt amazing along with good to my heart. I feel this new year is going to be so good and 2013 was really good to me. I think one of the best years I have yet to have had throughout all my life to be honest. I felt for months in the pit of my stomach all these incredible milestones, events, dreams, goals and ambitions I've talked about are going to come about. I can't be any more grateful for them to arrive and it's also from being so unbelievably grateful for things I never really took that much into realizing how amazing certain little things in life are so beautiful as well as astonishingly incredible to the eyes. 

Since it's 2014 and everyone usually makes goals/lists which I have made already back last year that you can check here. I wanted to mention a couple of things.. but first I want to wish you all a beautiful, loving, successful, positive and powerful two thousand and fourteen! I hope you go after all your dreams, your ambitions and you allow yourself to take risks to help you to grow even more than the year before. I hope you allow yourself to achieve the very thing that you have wanted, talked about or neglected, put off or self talked your mind out of into negative things because you thought it wasn't possible. I am telling you it is possible if you ask, go after, and allow yourself to take the risk! I can tell you amazing, incredible, divine beauty is going to come about from doing the very thing you're scared of. You need to tell yourself the best words possible that your mind can feed off of to realize the worse possible scenario is getting a no response truthfully. You will realize at the end of it even if you get a no that it wasn't that bad to do and that if you keeping allowing your mind to ponder on about something that you want in your life but have no guts to do anything about it, really that is a much more worse feeling. 

I hope this year you go after the very things you want so hard that not even you can criticize the outcome at the end of next year or allow yourself to ponder about it for months with the whole "what if" ordeal. Be powerful this year, hustler, and straight shooter. And trust me those 20 seconds of insane courage you take will be worth it all


As to the couple of things that I wanted to mention.. this 2014 I can't wait to make these things happen a lot more in my life :

- write letters to friends and fill them in on how i am doing along with everything that is going on, besides quick text messages or skyping every few months. 

- do the very one thing that i want for my 26th birthday! the most simplistic and beautiful idea that is stuck with me that can't leave my mind. - it makes my heart smile inside. 

- take some time to actually get some reading into my days, because i feel or have noticed last year my skills of english are not really up to par compared to other years to be honest. so reading is a 2014 must

- continue to do inspiring things in my life daily or weekly to keep up a positive mindset and atmosphere. 

- everyday this year i want to start writing out positive notions first thing in the morning and at the end of every night. (simple 5 minutes)

- i want to be even more happy but i also hope to be a lot more courageous when it comes to myself and things. 

- continue to write in my journal for this new year, it felt the best that i got into that last year. it is something i want to continue because i have tried for years and it never would come but it just started happening; pen + paper, my new found love. 

- i want to spend time with the people who inspire me, love me and are always there for me no matter what. i want to give those people my time more this year, i want them to be apart of this aspect of my life. 

- i want to do better this year, a lot better! i want to grow even more in other ways i have yet to allow myself to grow into. i want to experience areas of my life that i have not yet allowed to happen or even have developed at all into my life. 

- i am super excited for travel plans this coming year, that i never thought it would happen but at the same time really? .. it's going to be so surreal! (those eyes of mine glistening the skyline! ah, the love in my heart and the beauty shining!)

these are some of the things i thought worth mentioning at the moment.. i do hope this blog becomes something lovely plus unexpected this new year. :)

thank you for following my other blog and also this one. thank you for continuing to stick around reading the things i write even if photos may not be included, thank you. i hope i help someone even just one person in a way with something i have written or they needed at the time. 

Happy 2014 and Happy Horizons! 

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