My thoughts, My life, My lessons.. just everything I Learnt from 2013

Hello to all my readers! 

i wanted to come on here to talk about some things that have been pondering my mind. Have they not only been pondering my mind, but they also have been brought up a lot in conversations with people. i thought this was something i had to come on here to write about to share my words, my thoughts, my lessons learnt from 2013 and beyond past years. However, first things first i am oh so very blessed and grateful for everything i have received this 2013 year. i know there was a lot of struggles also this year, but the blessed moments are the ones that have stuck out the most for me. They are the ones that hold my heart very strongly and i am beyond grateful that i do not know how i could repay back for everything. thank you God/Universe for all the guidance, love (unconditional), happiness, laughter and even the struggles + tears. Even though the struggles and tears weren't some of my strongest or favorite moments, it has allowed me to appreciate the more grateful moments. It has also allowed me to realize a lot of things. It has allowed me to learn a lot of lessons, who truly cares, and wants to be apart of my life + journey.  If i had to write a quick list of the most important things i learnt this year it would be the following.. 

1. it's okay to be selfish and doing things for yourself (make yourself happy for once). 

2. those who truly care and stick by you you won't have to bother chasing.

3. surround yourself with people who believe in you, inspire you, cherish you and are real with you. 

4. just do you and be okay that you know you're not doing anything wrong and if other people can't accept it and go off on a tangent that is not your problem that is there's.

5. don't allow yourself to slack, always be persistent, disciplined and always keeping hustling, because the hustling never stops. if you want success you have to be willing to put in the work, the effort and be okay with failing, making mistakes but learning from them for next time. 

6. take risks, a leap of faith.. even if others think it's insane, or don't think they could ever do that. it's okay, because it's for you.. it's your life path and if you feel that it is the right choice and feel in your heart that is what you need to do then do it! 

7. surround yourself with people that understand you, your life, current life situation and things you're going through, because they understand if you don't talk for a while. they are the ones who can pick up where you left off and you still get each other. those are the ones you want in your life, want to keep around and know they will always be there for you no matter what. 

8. be okay with the things you want to do, achieve and the dreams you ponder around in your mind. they can happen if you are willing to put in the work, they can shatter all the possibilities you had and be even more than you let your mind imagined. life can give you amazing possibilities if you allow it to and let go of old energy, thoughts, negativity and open your heart to postivity and beauty. 

9. share your thoughts, your problems, don't hold things in, because really it does no good. it is so much better to let it off your chest, so you can move on and allow for better things to come in. you are so much more than wasted energy, you are so powerful beyond measure. 

10. stick up for the things that are important and decide which things to just leave, let go and move on from. 

11. take a risk on the very thing you are scared of, because really what do you have to lose? either it turns out to be a no answer or something beautiful will happen that you never expected. if you stop your mind from the negative labels and allow yourself to realize the positive ones you could gain something you never thought possible, because when you allow your mind to take over in negative thoughts things don't happen.

to sum up this in a whole.. don't allow others to bring you down, because you moved on and are doing good, are happy and in a positive atmosphere. keep doing you and be happy with the choices you made. this life is your life, not somebody else's. the path you take is not for others and don't compare your life, your situations to someone else because the grass really isn't always greener on the other side. if you allow yourself to water your grass on your side, beautiful, magnificent things can begin to blossom if you allow them too and take responsibility for it to happen. let 2014, be your year of being powerful! i think that is the best word and best thing to aim for 2014 for life, because you're so much more than the labels people put on you.. you are talented, valuable, beautiful, kind, a go getter and wise. you are everything the universe wants you to be and the universe equipped you with the tools you have at the moment, because that is all you need, to do the things you need to accomplish in your life. you can change the world around you if you want, but that is if you are willing to put in the work, put in the heart. And i know it is possible to accomplish anything you want in 2014, it's just a matter of how much you are going to hustle out of yourself to truly get it into your life that badly. so 2014; my wish for all of you is to be so powerful beyond any years you have been dealt, be so wise that it works hand in hand with being powerful. let the very thing you want to happen, happen. don't make excuses for yourself, don't pity yourself or allow others to feel sorry for you. let yourself work through it and be so strong that the power within you exceeds you through all the hard times, the struggles to get you to the good stuff. without those things, without the storms you wouldn't realize the blessing you have in your life. so for 2014 be powerful but also be GRATEFUL and be POSITIVE. also continue to be YOURSELF and DO YOUR OWN THING -- BE THE LEADER, not the FOLLOWER

these are my thoughts, my lessons, my life pondering thoughts i wanted to share on here tonight. i hoped you enjoyed this message and i hope your 2014 turns to be so sparkling and beautiful. <3


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