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I wanted to come on here and do this list called 'i love myself because...' from a book i read a couple of years ago. I thought it would be a good list to make for December and going into the New Year soon! I hope you enjoy and make a list for yourself! :)

i love myself because . . .

1. i can make people laugh and i love when people are laughing and happy! :) 

2. i can share the things i am going through or having a hard time with instead of keeping it in to boil over.

3. i am obsessed with writing, A LOT! It is one of my favorite passions to do! 

4. i know me a whole lot better than in my past even if i am not at 100% of knowing i am open to numerous possibilities. 

5. i love reading, watching tv and listening to music with some cozy blankets!

6. the very thing i am passionate about fashion and it makes up my insides with full creativity. 

7. i finished my first semester of school and survived even through those times i was like how am i going to go forward i am at the end and there was a light at the end of the tunnel!

8. i know who really loves me and who really cares about me and is always willing to help or be there for me. 

9. i help people out a lot, it's just within my veins and my life wouldn't allow for things any other way i feel.

10. i like taking the time when it comes to giving someone a gift; i may be super picky about the details but in the end it allows the other person to know that i actually took the time to find something and put in the effort to figure out what would be the best selection.

11. i love my close friends and family, they're my heart and i love them completely and dearly from the bottom of my soul.

12. i can understand the depth of things that i wouldn't have allowed myself to understand or feel before.

13. i allowed myself to take a risk and finally go to school for something i undoubtedly loved beyond words.

14. i am proud of allowing myself to move somewhere new and meet new people.

15. i can make mistakes and learn from the mistakes and be okay to know for next time.

16. i can be be really bubbly hyper when i get to know someone one on one.

17. i like to learn about new things all the time no matter from what form or source i like the potential to education myself. 

18. i can express my thoughts and i feel good that i can be myself and not have to worry.

19. i can be lazy on the days that i need to have those lazy, do nothing days after long hard-work.

20. i allow myself to always give the best possible no matter what in life towards anything. 

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