today i am grateful for ...

Helloo Wednesday! 

And sorry for being so MIA, but I have been busy with last minute projects and this week exams. Once that is only covered and done I'll hopefully be able to get on here more and write!

I remembered I needed to do this today and then it slipped my mind and just came back to me later on today. I thought I better do it now before the day ends!

1. I am truly blessed for cristina and joyce, because I love love love talking to them, skyping with them and texting them! 

2. I am so grateful for my classmates and teachers, because we've been together so much we are able to relate in so many ways school wise and outside of school related things. 

3. I am truly grateful for the new friends I have made and come across this first semester of school, because I have meet some awesome souls and I wouldn't change it for anything in my past. 

4. With all my heart, thank you for allowing those to listen to me no matter what thoughts or crazy things may be on my mind, because it feels good to just be for once and not have to try so hard. 

5. I am truly grateful for this christmas break coming up starting tomorrow at 3pm, because it will be so nice to sleeeeeeeeeep! 

6. I am so grateful for the people who check up on me and leave me messages, it lets me know they care, because those little things make a day a whole lot better especially if it hasn't been a good one. 

7. With all my heart, thank you universe for your continuing presence in my life in the last six days pretty much, because I know there is something you're trying to show me or give to me, however at the same time I keep walking by but you keep pushing it forward and giving me a number of chances. 

8. I am truly blessed for the ability to walk, because some times the small things like taking a walk helps clear the mind or lets me enjoy the beauty of a sunset.

9. I am truly grateful for a pen and paper, because it allows me to write down every inch of thoughts I have or need to get out and for that I am grateful! 

10. With all my heart, thank you universe for everything in life, but even more so thank you for the very thing you are trying to pull together towards me, because for whatever reason you believe its the right time and I know you want to give me an opportunity, which I am pleased about so thank you truly from the bottom of my heart and the depths of soul. 

Happy Wednesday
& Happy Finals / Good Luck 
if you are writing any! :)

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