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Hello December

Its the 1st, so crazy and I am done classes this Friday and have my exams next week! It flew by this first semester, so fast and then before you know it, its 2014! Crazy! Oh and there is no snow here, ha.. so it will be interesting to come home to a TON of it. Yikes! (I am actually beyond grateful for where I live and the weather here; photo attached below & the amazing sunset Thursday night was too EPIC.)

Any who I wanted to come on here to put up my goals for December for you guys! If you didn't get to see goals for last month then click here to view them!

I definitely am hoping I can get some more blogging in this month for you guys, but I will see, because I also want to spend a lot of quality time with people. Okay, and sleep.. ah I am, deprived and done. Sleeeeping, will be superb awesome to get! 

As for my goals last month I did not complete two of the goals ... 

x go to sleep by 10p - 10:30p the latest for the whole of this month
x read once a week for 20 minutes 

Those two just weren't happening for me at all. I had way too many projects and things that it wasn't working out for me. But hey, I accomplished my other ones. It's weird actually, because I wrote those goals and I was like I probably wont get some of these accomplished, but I surprisingly did. How ironic things work out! Especially the ones that I was like yeah right, how is that going to happen but the did! Ha! 

I will get into December's goals for you guys quickly.. 


x hang out with all my friends, family & godson when I get back home!!! 
x finish reading books I've started before the new year comes around
x be courageous and meet someone new and stop over analyzing the outcome in my head
x make changes for the new year for things that didn't work this past year
x put everything organized into my onenote so that I am ready for the new year

Those are my goals for December and I hope you enjoy! :)

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