today i am grateful for ...

Ello Wednesday! ;) 

I honestly can't wait for it to be the weekend again, even though it was just a long weekend. However, this weekend can not come soon enough!! 

1. I am so grateful for my tutor, because with her I have a better understanding as to what I am doing and also have guidance to show me the correct way of doing something.

2. I am truly blessed for the people that are in my class that I have come across, because without them it wouldn't be the same. 

3. With all my heart, thank you for music, because it feeds my soul when I feel in different moods.

4. I am truly grateful for Leanna, because we come up with such great ideas working together and not even having a project of our own to do or just always thinking about ideas and things we can do for things we are working on. 

5. I am truly blessed for the people who think such positive things or thoughts about things I do, ideas or anything because I know sometimes I can be hard on myself.

6. With all my heart, thank you universe for giving me senses of relief, guidance along with signs and eye openers, because they have all served me in different aspects. 

7. I am so grateful for my teachers, my school, my education and the atmosphere, because it is so kind, positive, helpful and makes me happy as well as motivated. 

8. I am truly grateful for all the inspiration, motivation, openness, thoughts, ideas, life, because I feel more of a natural flow of coming together.

9. With all my heart, thank you for the depths of my inner soul and inner thoughts/ideas, because letting them out makes me have space and allows for new things to pass through.

10. With all my heart, thank you for happiness, for being happy in my life for the first time in the longest time ever, thank you, thank you, thank you truly; I am so blessed with all my heart. 

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