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Hello Saturday 
& Blizzard Snow! :( 

I wanted to come on here today to do this quick post, since I remembered right now! I had it stream across my mind but then I got busy doing other things that are school related. 

I hope your Friday was good!? Ha, my consisted of until midnight school work + old school jams! I loved hearing songs from the past, it was so cool and awesome! I had get Christina Aguilera's old jam, 'What A Girl Wants' last night! I have been listening to that, and ah TLC - no scrubs, Destiny Child - Say My Name, B4-4, Spice Girls, Love Inc .. ah! I loved reminiscing those tunes late last night while doing homework. 

Any how I had to mention that, so today's post is something old I had inquired about to some friends and never actually did anything with it. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share. I asked some friends their thoughts, opinions, anything really anything they think or have to say about me. Random facts type deal 10-20 I suggested, being honest, funny, lovely, etc. long or short in point form, because really who wants to write out an essay? Ha, not that writing an essay about someone wouldn't be possible, but you know..ha! Today I want to share the thoughts of my one friend, Joyce

I hope you enjoy reading this quick post and I hope to be back Monday with another post of something quick for inspiration to start off the week. :) Have a lovely rest of the weekend, but if it's blizzard snowing; I hope you keep warm and have lots of hot chocolate or coffee whatever your heart desires. With also a multitude of blankets to cozy up with! <3

  • Sweet 
  • Shy
  • fashionista! 
  • Can be quite in crowds
  • loves going on friend dates
  • very passionate about most anything that tugs her heart/mind
  • very supportive
  • family oriented
  • For a tiny girl she can eat a lot! Lol
  • Such a "giver"
  • Always seeking the best out of life

And there you have it, that was something pretty quick & broken down for you to hear someone else's opinion! Stay tune for some more this month!

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