today i am grateful for ...

1. I am truly grateful for technology, because it allows for so many opportunities to do things in a more convenient, fast or efficient way. 

2. I am truly blessed for the Universe/God, because of the Universe/Him I have had so many blessings come to pass.

3. I am truly grateful for all the amazing things in life such as warmer weather, a beautiful city to live in and the kindest people ever to come across. 

4. I am so grateful for the kindness of people, because it makes me feel grateful.

5. With all my heart, thank you for my health, because I have been given an incredible amount of endurance this season to surpass a number of challenges that have arise. 

6. I am so grateful for my classmates and especially for Leanna who offers her help, but also we have a good time together when doing homework with lots of laugh out laughter. 

7. With all my heart, thank you God/Universe for continuing to bless my life and guiding me along with having a guardian angel watch over me, because I have received so much unconditional love even in the moments I have felt the weakest or down and out you've always provided a light. 

8. With all my heart, thank you for the interest in things I write, think or say, because it lets me know that people do think it's interesting, inspiring or allows them to try to understand me better as a person.

9. I am truly blessed for those who feel inspired from things I write, do, achieve or anything, because it makes my heart happy. 

10. With all my heart, thank you for my soon to be godson to be on he's way into this world, because he will be healthy, intelligent, gorgeous and surrounded by lots of love. 

11. With all my heart, thank you for my lovely, wonderful brother that always watches out for me, does anything & everything for me that I ask, is always there for me, gives support, advice and loves me for who I am as a person. 

12. With all my heart, thank you for Cristina and her encouraging and warm filled words all the time. It always makes my heart warm and sunny.

13. With all my heart, thank you for Nicole(r) and her inspiring, helpful, encouraging advice today on some things I was mentioning. It was very empowering and struck a cord inside of me with one thing she said that I know will probably replay in my head a lot when I'm stuck in a moment and unsure. I am truly grateful again to God/(the Universe) for giving me something that I needed. 

(I know this week I went over 10 but I had a lot of things and extra's to mention, so I hope you're all okay with some extra gratefulness. <3)

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