I noticed in my notebook this number starting to come up more and even on my mind a lot. I am not so sure why this number is presenting itself a lot to me but I decided to come on here to talk about it. You are all probably wondering what is so great about the number twenty-six and for me that number represents my next age. This is how old I will be turning in April 2014 and I can't believe it. I have no idea what is in store for me with this age, but I feel in a way something amazing or some amazing things are going to present it self and happen. I feel like for some reason that being twenty-six is going to be my best year. It is something I can't explain exactly to you or why I feel this. It is something inside of me, that I cannot give an explanation too. However, at this moment I do know I will be alone in the sense of not being around immediate family or friends back home for my birthday. I have come to mention this sweet number because I was in the elevator last month about and it all of a sudden popped into my mind. My thoughts started running off on that, along with not doing anything at all for my birthday, because number one school + having finals to study for and number two I can't believe I will honestly be twenty-six! Twenty-Six fricken years old, oh how does time fly on by. For some reason I want it to be my best year. My favorite and I get it.. the best years should have been 14, 16, 18, 21, 25 but there's a little sparkle inside of me about this one. Some kind of special, so I believe. Life can change pretty quickly and move vastly fast or slowly and a lot of things have happened to me that have changed my life or me as a person or has made me grow. I feel there is a lot more to experience that I have yet to have experience that I know I want in my life. However, I feel as though maybe my two exact wishes will come true or even more than just the two would be the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae. I hope the Universe / God will lead me into something amazing and beautiful. I hope I get blown away with certain things I never expected to happen to me or never seen coming from 7 miles away. I think it's so insane that I am going to be twenty-six years old in 2014! I can't get over it and I have no clue why it seems to be such a big deal at this moment lately, when my birthday is no where near yet. It is a big deal and I think because I am trying to fathom it seems so insane and crazy. Right at this moment I have no clue what is going to happen in a couple months from now.. anything can really happen. All I am hoping for is the best and something incredible to happen, some kind of amazingness to strike through when I least would expect it too. It's a funny thing, because I remember being younger and being asked so where or when or what do you see for your self for your future and it was 24/25/26 kids, married and I am not even any where near or close to that. It's funny how things work out in life. If I really sit here and think about it I honestly couldn't see myself at 24/25 having kids or married, maybe married. I feel like I am still young in a way in a bit but at the same time not in other circumstances. I feel like 26 is my shining age, the age that is going to rock and be the best. And right now at this moment.. what do I truthfully know? I know nothing about the future and all I know is the feeling deep within me that is writing out all these thoughts. Could they be true who knows? Then again, sure if I continue to believe it. Out of all the big ages you celebrate that are wooo hoo, I think and feel this is the best one yet; actually the perfect one. The solidified number that's going to make the best of me even better than I was before from the past, yesterday, five years ago, three months ago and even today. I feel it's going to be my lucky charm age, my heart beat memorable number that will be so exciting, exhilarating yet sacred to my heart. It will hold so much love, beautiful, depth and soul. It will be my lovely sparkle golden number age that shines and sparkles like the city lights of NYC. It will be the age and year to remember.

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