i am thanking you

Hey Saturday! 

I wanted to come and quickly right now to post someone else's thoughts about me. Today's thoughts are from my friend cristina. I already posted the first one last Saturday here, if you didn't get to read it.
I'll get straight into it and I hope you enjoy
plus have a great Saturday! :) 

1. Joelynn is a good dancer! I can vouch for that as we would dance in my room in high school hahaha! Remember that?! "Honey"

2. Strongest person I know! 

3. I miss watching the oc & Laguna beach together! You got me my first DVD player! :'( haha

4. Joelynn in unbelievably thoughtful, that's probably one of her top 3 traits!

5. Has an eye for killer style! Fashionista

6. One of the very few people you can tell anything too and she will keep her lips zipped! 

7. I think movies dates brought us together haha! We would aaaalways go see movies! (ps. I miss that!)

8. When she's passionate about something, she's passionate! :) 

9. Vanilla bean hot chocolate from second cup will forever remind me of you! 

10. And last but not least, if I had to describe Joelynn in a few words she is ONE OF A KIND! I've seriously never met someone like her! 

There you have today's thoughts for this Saturday and I hoped you enjoyed them! 

Happy Saturday! ;) 

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