today i am grateful for ...

Hello Rainy Wednesday Morning! :)

I hope everyone had a lovely Canadian thanksgiving! I sure did! We are so very close back to the weekend already! Don't you just love short weeks? I definitely do! 

1. I am truly grateful for the experience I had in the past to help me with school, because I have an idea what to expect and what to not get worked up over. 
2. I am truly blessed for all the continuation of support and text messages and mail.. everything, because I know people are thinking about me and for that I am grateful.
3. I am so grateful for getting to connect more with people in my class from our group project, because I get to learn more about people than I allowed myself to in the beginning. 
4. With all my heart, thank you universe for allowing me to be able to be with like-minded people, because it gives a way to connect.
5. I am truly blessed for the random times that happen to be honest, because I did ask for a sign and I believe I got it.. however I am not one percent sure, but I am thankful for it. 
6. I am truly blessed for the rainy weather, because it feels so calm and relaxing and has a nice feel for a Wednesday.
7. I am truly grateful for my cousin and he's abundant help beyond, beyond words, because he definitely is doing way more than I ever thought was going to happen. 
8. I am so grateful for the guidance in the things I do, because I know there is someone like a guardian angel watching over me along this journey.
9. With all my heart, thank you for giving me a clear mind in trying to do things a little bit differently, because I know it's affect has come into play of feeling relaxed.
10. With all my heart, thank you doing amazingly well in school on my assignments and quizzes, because somehow I always make it beyond even what I expect to see. 

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