a promise in my heart + a sign of favor

Hello Thursday! ;)

I am back so fiercely quick from yesterday's post! I had to come on here because the thing that has been resonated with me lately is signs. I know I get them lot and they can be in any form from asking God, to repetition of things etc. I feel like this morning I saw this pink floating through my blinds and of course it was the beautiful sunrise. It was so magnificent I had to snap a photo via iphone. (It is like some sort of sign; sunrises & sunsets my new thing here.) 

Everything was going so smoothly today and I feel like that sunrise this morning was a sign of a great day coming about today. For some unknown reason I just so happened to check my mail box today. Wa laa, I got something! I got something! I was super excited! Opening my mailbox and seeing a letter in there was exciting! It definitely made another part of my day from coming home from school. :) School today all around was great. It was a very good day! The one thing I was going to ask for came to me also by mail today was the address I had received the letter from and it came to me without me asking. I know that was doing of immense power beyond before I even asked. 

Have you ever asked for a sign for something? A sign to know the answer to something from God or the Universe? I have! I remember it very well and it was about going to school and sure enough I received my sign. When I was asking for it I believe I was so overwhelmed in tears that I didn't know what to do, so I asked God for a sign and I got it. I got it, not really thinking I would seriously get an answer but I did; I did because I asked "send me a sign of your favor. -- Psalm 86:17" and God did "and confirmed His word with signs following. -- Mark 16:20" Because I was struggling and having a hard time I was at the point of letting it out of my hands and hoping for the best answer to come to my heart and this happened .. "This is the sign from the Lord to prove He will do what He promised. The sun will go backwards ten degrees. -- 2 Kings 20:9,10If you believe and trust, God will follow through for you and he definitely did that day and numerous other occasions from the past couple months and still continue to follow through to me without me having to say a word. God knows the things happening to you, the things you are going through and I know he knows when to send the exact thing and or sign when you ask for it. 

I wanted to end this post from a passage in the bible. 

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. -- Ephesians 3:20"

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