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happy Friday!! 

I have decided to come on here to quickly write something up, because it's been running across my mind a lot this week. What I have decided to talk about today is exactly what the title of this post inquires about. Why? I have decided to talk about this because I have been seeing it a lot lately around me or seeing a lot of writing on blogs about accomplishing one's goals. I couldn't help but think of my own and what I want to do! I think goals in life is a very important aspect to incorporate, because it lets you know what you're willing to accomplish and achieve to get it. Also, if you really want it as badly as you say you want it. When it comes to goals there are a couple of different ways you can have goals and break them down into groups. 1. Weekly Goals 2. Monthly Goals 3. Yearly Goals and to be honest I don't have all of those. Monthly goals, yeah no not really; yeah I have tasks/to do lists but they're not goals that challenge me (monthly or yearly) and things weekly can help aim to make my monthly & yearly goals happen. I got to thinking after reading a number of things related to goals and chasing dreams and achieving the most unexpected aspect that wasn't foreseen as coming about from past efforts of hardwork. I kept thinking about it, thinking about it that; I myself decided to be more proactive and make monthly goals for myself. Since I missed September; I have chosen to start for the month of lovely October! I wrote some lovely ones up for myself.. 

x read for 20 mins a day
x listen to a sermon/podcast once a week
x blog a minimum 2 times a week - Wednesdays mandatory + any other day)
x journal twice a week minimum  
x say hi to next door neighbor 

As for yearly goals; I think and feel everybody has more yearly goals compared to weekly or monthly for sure. As for my yearly goals I feel like I have accomplished a lot of what I had planned or brought over from other years. Let's go back and check what all I wanted to accomplish.. provided below are links of lists I had made from my previous blog. 

x 101 in 1001
x twenty-four in twenty-four  
x 2012 goals/resolutions
x summer counting stars
x i believe you can have what you want  

These links above are some yearly goals I had written up and when I reread some of them I have accomplished a lot of them already even though they may not be crossed off. I am really proud though, to go view the lists and be like really holy smokes?! I actually did that or that seriously happened, insane!! The universe is amazing! However, at the time of doing the lists, it may have seemed so unrealistic almost that even half of the stuff I mentioned might not happen off that list but a lot has and I am proud! :)

The next type of list is the good old weekly goals list, which I don't know how that would really work other than tasks that I decide to complete for the week as my goals. I feel like weekly goals are the little things, the things that make up the big things that come later down the line. So for me weekly goals would be things I need to do here and there.. like tasks/to-do lists/homework assignments etc. 

I have been also thinking about long term (future) goals that I want to achieve summertime-ish. I was thinking I would mention some long term goals down below even though I provided links to all my past things I want to accomplish. 

x Full license
x Marble Slab
x Menchie's
x Take a photography class from Kaihla Tonai
x Finish first year of school <3 
x Ride in a hot air balloon 
x Disneyland 
x Toronto + Winter Wonderland
x Via Rail
x Top marks in school for all years 1 + 2 years of school
x Seattle 
x Do a walk in support of a disease
x London, England
x Be in a wedding as a bridesmaid or maid of honor or even both!
x Nashville
x Snowboarding
x Paintballing 
x Bungee Jumping
x Disneyworld
x Learn to surf
x Kelowna + Vancouver
x Meet Northern Style Exposure (blogger)
x Photos done by Jennifer Williams 
x Finish sewing quilt
x Hawaii
x Attend a football game
x Photos done by Jamie Delanie (if in a realtionship)
x Attend a hockey game

This is my goals broken down for you! :) I think I will make a part two post with all the things that I had written down in those previously lists that I actually got to cross off. :) 

Hopefully, this was an inspiring post and got you thinking of goals you would like to achieve. :) 

Happy Friday! :) 

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