today i am grateful for...

Hello Rainy, Chilly, Cold Wednesday! 

It's Wednesday and I thought I would continue on over here the thankful Wednesday posts, because they are really helpful to recognize the littlest things in life. It is actually one of my favorite posts to do when I started over on my other blog, because it keeps you in a positive mind set. I know I haven't done this in a little while, so.. here is my things that I am grateful for today.

1. With all my heart, thank you for the opportunity to be able to attend school, because it has been a dream of mine to accomplish for a long time.
2. With all my heart, thank you for all the amazing support and love that I have gotten ever since I moved down here, because it gives me the ability to see the other side of the road.
3. I am truly grateful for having a place to live, because it provides all the basic necessities that I need for everyday life. 
4. I am truly grateful for food, food, and more food, because it provides me with energy and good health. 
5. I am truly blessed for all my friends, because I know with them I have been able to have a reassurance at times if I need it. 
6. I am truly blessed for all my teachers I have received while attending school, because they're all very supportive, helpful and genuinely kind. 
7. I am so grateful for the interactions of new people, because if you ask the right questions you can find out fascinating things.
8. I am so grateful for the supports within school if you need help, because I know I can just ask and get help while being calm.
9. I am truly grateful for my cell phone, because it has provided an immense amount of communication to me while I am off away at school.
10. I am truly grateful for skype, because it has given me the ability to interact verbally for communication but also to visually see. 

One last one, what the heck! 

11. I am truly blessed for my cousin with all his help and being there for me while I have been down here, because I think it made me feel not overwhelmed in a sense also. 

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