Taking it all in


I am back on here this lovely Saturday evening, because I felt this strong urge to come on here to write! How exciting to get this feeling and to want to come on here to write & share! It was hard to decide actually what to write about today on here, because I have so many options as I mentioned in my previous post here. I decided to write about exactly what the title of this post is which is probably vague and really could mean anything. My first walk to the store to go get a refill on groceries and trying to figure out if I was going the right way or not. I walked into the beauty of the sunset happening right before my very eyes. You may say so? What's the big deal they happen! However, for me that was really my very first time standing there mesmerized taking it all in, alone, by myself on a walk with this open space. I honestly have never had the opportunity to truly experience that with myself and to enjoy it that much. Sunsets are such a beautiful thing and yeah you can see pictures from others all the time, but to actually stand there to take it in yourself is absolute magnificence happening before your very eyes. I definitely think that is something new I really love about life. I remember I saw it happening again, but this time I was at my cousin's house and I was like oooooh, so pretty I need to capture this moment via iphone. (This was a day that was a best day! It was a day of pure happiness & laughter - future post of that to come! I love moments like that, those happy moments, especially with lots of laughter and love.) Those sunset moments make my heart happy, they make me feel warm happiness in the beauty that occurs right in front of me. A sunset may be a little, simple thing but it's those little things that take treasure in the heart undoubtedly. I have another second moment when walking home Friday night (yesterday) from the store again. This time it was the twinkle of the stars in the night sky, so pretty. They shine so bright within my heart while looking up at the sky. It's just as sweet like honey looking up at the stars as it is watching the sun go down. I am unbelievably grateful for the beauty that surrounds life. I think the best part of all is realizing how much I am grateful for things now in these last couple of months, then ever before. I feel so blessed in so many ways, which will be more to mention on that in posts to come. But I wanted to come on here to talk about this tonight. 

I hope you have a happy Saturday! 
And I hope you get to enjoy .. 

sunsets (taking them all in)

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