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Hi, Hello!! 
Happy Friday!! :)

Aren't you glad it's Friday? I sure am! I wanted to come on here and write my first post since I actually have some time to do this right now! First to start off, I got a new blog that is pure, all fresh and something new! Why did I decide to do this? I decided to do this because I have been thinking for a long time about changing my other blog, it's name but I never could come to the point of actually doing it. The second reason why I decided to start fresh over here, is because my life right now is on a new path and journey, which only made sense to me to start a new blog. The fact that this blog was birth right where I started my new journey is something very neat and cool to always have as a solid grounded reminder. The third reason that I needed to do this was for myself, not for an idea, or for somebody else, but simply for me. I want this blog to be like my personal diary of my thoughts, images, stories etc. I want to share my life with everything I wanted to talk about before or mention but never had the courage to or thought it would be boring. My fourth reason as to why I have decided not to blog on with my other blog at the moment or time being, who knows about the future, is that I always felt like I had to try reaaaaaally, reeeeeeally HARD to post something on my blog or find things to talk about. The direction I wanted it to go was not going that way anyways. I felt like I always had to force something out of that blog to come about and I don't think it should really feel like that. I feel now on here, in this new space I can be me, I can share whatever and hopefully I INSPIRE someone well doing it. My last reason was always to find another way to share my current life with my lovely friends back home. What a great opportunity for me to be able to share it with them. This blog is a personal blog and yeah I will write a lot.. habit, but I will also share a lot too. Maybe, the stories won't be right away when they happen, but I will eventually share and get to them on here when the timing is either right or I have actual time to sit down to talk about something whenever it may be. This blog, isn't going to have a set amount of times a week I will write on here. It won't always have photos to a long story or short or whatever it may be. Sometimes, sharing is really all that needs to happen and some times, perhaps only photos are all that need to be seen and no words. There is no set guidelines on my new blog, whenever I am able to share within my busy life of school. Do know that I have already four pages of ideas as to things to talk about or write if I need to or want to post something but unsure what to talk about on a certain day I have the available time too. I also will be bringing along thankful Wednesday to this side of the creek as a continuation because it is something that can MAKE your day that much better or happy. Everything else that was written or said on my previous blog stays there minus one or two topics, which I have decided to bring over onto this platform, because they're personal and I think belong within this new space as well. With that being said I hope you will stick with me here on this new space, but if not and you decide to leave me behind I understand and am grateful truly for the ride you came along on from my previous blog. With this all being said; I will leave this entry for tonight and maybe I will be back on here before the weekend ends to share some other things. 

Have a Happy Friday! <3 

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