when your heart gets triggered

It's February, actually Valentine's to be exact!
[Happy Valentine's Day] to start off.

I have been thinking about stuff all day from yesterday and now as I am waiting to leave for my flight to San Diego! Excited! <3 I also felt the need to come on here and write.

Life is pretty funny and those simple things that most of us take for granted can easily be taken away. However, that point before it comes to that always has a knock on your door and it gets louder each time. Sometimes that loudest that keeps knocking gets avoided and then it begins to become too late.

In life the cards we are dealt are not always the cards we would want. It is how you are willing to play those cards for the better, for the positive. Some days, times, hours, minutes and years will be harder than others. It is those struggles that teach you the most and provide you a valuable learning element to contribute to your life, the human being that you are, yet also giving hope to someone else. It will feel as though you are going through it alone, even with people who support you, love you and in a way you are. You are in the sense that it is your battle to fight, it is in your hands, heart and soul if you are willing enough to do whatever it is that it takes to survive the outcome that is breaking you down. If you are willing to break those odds and do everything in your power possible with hope attached you know the possibilities were worth the try even if the odds become against you.

Sometimes I really struggle and most people would people never know, because I have never been the one to make the focus be about me. I am the one who sits there and listens with a million racing thoughts. The thoughts that run wild inside are carefully put together verbally and sometimes not at all. Sometimes they are surrounding within, but mostly listening to every description, dream, word, story and making sense of what someone else has to say. I am one to ask a million questions of others, not that I am nosy, but because I genuinely care along with truly fascinated.

There are days I wish I could share things that are so deep, that I am not really sure myself. Life is really whatever you make of it. The choices that become of you, they determine your future, they give you your character. Why not make choices that will thank your future adventures later. Why not chase all those crazy wild dreams in your heart? Why not appreciate the simple things that happens in your everyday? Why not write letters and send by mail? Why not do the things that take place in your heart that you always wanted even if that risk is big?

I am no perfect human being and nor do I try to aim for perfection at all. Perfection does not exist. Those flaws, failures, struggles and everything beautiful is what really is significant. Those things that people think are ugly, really aren't. Those moments of victory are really what those things define who you are and make your heart scream who you. They shine full of glow representing the exquisite individual that you are, that you will become and who you currently choose to be.

The great big ideas you have stuck in your heart take them and achieve them, that person you've wanted to talk to, go do that. The things you are unsure of keep hope, be persistent, take risks and do whatever it will take to make YOU happy.

Those little things, little moments they really equal out to the big things.

If you don't think something is possible, change your attitude, change your perspective and keep hope.

struggles are there to challenge you and if you're not struggling you are not growing. They may seem dark and heavy at times, there truly is a light a the end of the tunnel. You have to believe even in the slightest of chances that miracles they do happen. They do come true and no they are not for the "lucky ones" they are for those who believe in the possibility that anything can change in an instant.

The number one question that always comes up is why? What did I do to deserve this? Why is this happening to me and not someone else. Those whys are incredibly hard, but were given to you because you are strong enough to handle it. YOU are enough, YOU are able to hold it together even the moments you fall, you still keep getting back up.

YOU are INSPIRATION, LOVE, BELIEF & HOPE. You are the light that will allow others to shine.


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