listen careful; this is your year

Happy New Year!

I know it has been such a long time since I came on here and wrote anything. A break is at times in need all around in everything to spend time with family, friends and enjoy life. I took advantage of that before starting my new semester. If you came on here in search of a new post and nothing that is my fault in your disappointment.

I am back with my first post of 2015 on my lucky number! I hope you all finished off your 2014 strong and are demolishing 2015 in incredible ways already with whatever your heart has desired it to chase this new year.

I wanted to come on here to write and put my thoughts out to share.

I hope you learnt that has helped you want to achieve the best in 2015. Any negative or drowning thing that has stuck to your life has been left behind where it belongs. I wish for you the take over of your life in what you really truly want it to be for this new year. I wish for a thousand times over of laughter, genuine wholeness of who you are as a person. I hope you are letting that shine out and beam out like colourful sunsets spreading across the sky.

You are probably wondering my thoughts related in regards to myself and one thing I did want to mention was that I hope you make this year about YOU. I hope you don't do things to please others or prove others of who you are. You are better than that. You are talented, smart, educated, mesmerizing, fun and hold a ton amount happiness of laughter within you.

Your life does not require the commentary or seek of approval towards others. Your life, is your life and was beautifully created for YOU to live, create and make mistakes. The only person that you need to prove yourself to is to yourself. You need to believe in the soul created desires held within the insides of your heart and the depths of your vines. The passion that lights up the inner rims of your eyes are the keys to your soul and speak more honesty than the sun and moon. The beauty of that it's self gives others the inspiration of who you are without even trying. You may not think you are affect anybody, but you truly would be surprised who really looks up to you, feels inspired by you and looks up to you. The possibilities are endless and the people who tell you are ones you never really would have thought in a million years you could make that much of an impact. Impact can do wondrous things to people and sometime you aren't even aware.

I hope whatever you do this year you do that anything for you and carry the weight of your own shoulders this year exploring numerous amounts of soul searching inner seeking. I hope you allow yourself to be you and share you; the true person that may not be exposed to others completely. I hope you let your thoughts run wild and your heart scatter out a million thousand questions or thoughts. I hope you don't hold yourself back and allow your inner soul to lose sight of the feelings sprinkling through the current running throughout your majestic spirit.

What I do know is :

1. life makes you go through hard challenges and it seems like it's never going to end, but it is.
2. passion, drive, enthusiasm can lead you to amazing things if there's nothing underlying behind it.
3. people who are no longer in your current future are in your past for a reason, so don't dwell on the past.
4. be happy with who you are and not that of what others want of you or request.
5. the past and future don't define your present, so focus on being in the moment.
6. read to improve your knowledge, language, writing etc. books can give you so much.
7. be grateful for all the things money can't buy and treasure those truly, because those things are usually hardest to come by or ever get back.
8. be okay, that life throws unexpected curve balls at you and go with the flow.
9. seek a willingness to always want to improve yourself, to better yourself.
10. focus on our own grass, because it truly isn't greener on the other side.
11. let 2015 be of new chances, friends, things, happiness, disappointments and a new year full of rawness of the human being held within the chambers of your inner soul, heart and electric pulsing energy.

let 2015 be YOUR YEAR! I want it to be your year as much as you do. I wish you all the greatest of happiness and success along with love.

twenty-fifteen is your year to demolish everything you've wanted to acquire but never allowed yourself. Go out there and knock the year dead like a lion roaring quiet crisp fogged air.

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