#1 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer

Hello ALL!!
& Hello to SEPTEMBER!
Oh & Back to School! ;)

I know it has been quite a while since I last posted anything on here, but I saw this and thought it would be a cool way to get back into starting to blog again. I am back in school again for another year, YAY! :) I am hoping this time around I can actually seriously blog stuff this year, since my schedule isn't as hectic as last years schedule. The challenge is for 26 days and all the information and words are located over on her blog, head on over. :)

ps. her photography is amazing, just saying ;)

The first word is:


What does this look like to me?
  • Comfortable is chilling out in my bed, whether it's for homework, tv shows, movies, a book, eating... :/ {but I've really tried to not make that a habit this time around, this year} snacking, having a conversation via skype or facetime, reading blogs, talking on the phone or listening to music and reading/browsing stuff in general. It is a go to place that is comfortable and cozy. It honestly never lets me down, oh and sleeping & pillows make it even more fantastic. :) 
Dorm life; Bed for College

Heart-Shaped Sheets from Simons
for those who are curious. :)

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