#17 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer


My look down was this..

  • morning, breakfast. :) I had slept for a long time, it seemed in a way. I woke up seven:fifty-ish and then I decided to make some food to eat, then did dishes. I skyped with my sister and little niece at ten, since it has been a long time since I have talked face to face. We live opposite directions, so that's our way to communicate besides texting or seeing each other whenever I get to make it home during school breaks. Last year was not very much at all, sad. Hopefully this year will be a little bit more than last. We were talking about a lot of different things, it was pretty cool! I definitely learnt some new things this morning that I hadn't known before or did semi-know but got more in depth knowledge. However, skype lately has been acting weird and cutting out even though I updated it. I ended up having to close my computer to restart it up to make it work good again. It got figured out! It's already pretty late now, and I have an essay to finish writing for school.
  • I hope your Sunday is a happy one and a lovely one. ;) thank you, for stopping by if you have been constantly reading and following these posts. I truly appreciate it even though it may not seem like that to you. I  truly am grateful for those who take the time to read my stuff, while I am in school. {I have also been working on something for a really long long time, it's been a process, but hopefully it will all come together to share with you all very soon. For now I am grateful for how everything is now, it's not my ideal or doesn't make my heart swoon in love, but it will do. What is that saying... be grateful for what you have now, for you will end up with more.} 

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