goals, dreams and ambitions part ii

Hello Friday!
Thank Goodness, Seriously! ;) 

It's November 1st today and so I had to come on here to mention about my goals I had written up for last month! If you didn't see those click here to view them! :)

I accomplished most of them but two, but one may count because I actually did say hi to someone that lives on the same floor as me but a couple doors down. The reading 20 minutes for a day, did not happen at all for me! I have so much going on with school that that one wasn't a do-able task for me. However, I did accomplish everything else, par on! As for this month I wanted to continue on this new tradition on the blog each month. I will get into what I have decided on for this month to accomplish. 


x read once a week for 20 minutes (i think this will be a more reasonable and do-able task to accomplish this time around)
x hang out with someone once a week 
x list 5 things I like about someone and give it to them 
x hear someone else's story / share my personal story
x go to sleep by 10p - 10:30p the latest for the whole of this month
x share one blog post of another persons thoughts about me once a week 

I said last time in the previous post I linked above that I would come back to share all the things I have crossed off those lists. I am here to share with you what I actually accomplished. Some things actually surprised me, because they happened and I didn't really realize it until I went back and looked at my goals I had written down certain things. 

Completed goals from previous old lists 

+. move out on own 
+. try pinkberry
+. eat at sawmill with a friend 
+. hangout with friends longer without worrying that the coffee shop is closing
+. try tutti frutti 
+. i-hop for breakfast
+. write in the journal sitting wrapped up 
+. make a priority to hangout with friends no matter how busy work became
+. take a photography class to learn more
+. eat healthier 
+. get a new phone
+. figure out school for September - October 
+. go on a trip somewhere
+. share my blog with people 
+. blog, blog, blog 
+. read 
+. figure out my school situation - college 
+. be more communicative, direct, speak what's on my mind and stick up for myself
+. farmers market 
+. summer photo session 
+. wedding 
+. goodbye farewell
+. eat lots of fruit and vegetables summer time 
+. go walk around the carnival with a friend and eat lots of junk food for half a day
+. see these movies: katy perry : part of me; the amazing spiderman; the dark knight rises; ted; savages; step up revolution; madea's witness protection; lawless 
+. eat breakfast everyday
+. get accepted into school 
+. live somewhere on my own
+. first designer handbag
+. see a concert 
+. keep writing in my journal 
+. pay for some thing for someone who is short when buying food/coffee or any reason even bus fare or just all around no reason at all 
+. follow my dreams 
+. meet new people and make new friends
+. continue to be close to the friends that i am close when move
+. see one of my close friends or cousins get married 
+. be a godparent to someone's child or children i am close with and known for a long time or all my life (immediate family doesn't count, meaning within my sibling/mom/dad family) but outside like cousins and stuff that counts
+. maintain a close relationship with my cousin who is like a brother to me
+. maintain communication flow
+. be there for my close friends and family at any opportunity or success! 
+. do operation Christmas child 
+. complete first aid 
+. see Oprah when she comes to Alberta
+. shop on etsy
+. keep being inspired by the people that amaze me in regular life 
+. have a going away dinner if get accepted into school 
+. get a bamboo massage

Those are all the goals I managed to accomplish from the different lists I had wrote. So now it's your turn to go back to some of your goal lists you've whipped up in the past and see what you've achieved that you didn't realize. 

I hope you make a goal list for the month of November for yourself, to keep challenging and growing yourself. There's always room for improvement of ones self. If you want to share your list leave a comment or the link to your list and I'll check it out! 

Happy Friday! :)

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