what makes my heart happy

I wanted to come on here to post about this cool topic today! I have been thinking about it actually for quite a while, ever since I marked down in my book. So I thought I would talk about this for a Monday as a cheery start to the week! For this list as I was making it I decided to divide it up into my current life right now and my hometown life along with the in between that has stayed pretty relevantly the same. 

the current

-> sunsets
-> sunrises
-> foooood
-> coca cola gummies and with the sugar coating only in the brown & clear ones, not the coloured cola gummies/candies.
-> reading a good laugh out loud book
-> hot chocolate with marshmallows
-> quinoa
-> school
-> being on my own
-> romantic movies (i've been craving that a lot lately and there really hasn't been any)
-> laughter
-> going for walks on friday nights after school is done to head to the store
-> devotional journal once a week (goal - which i have been doing a lot more than once a week) (i also probably called it something else)
-> general journal (goal - twice a week, which i have managed to keep up with)
-> blogging on here 
-> skype
-> hanging out with my brother (cousin) 
-> immediate family via phone calls
-> extended family via more in person & phone also 
-> receiving mail / letters from back home
-> not having to work at my three year old job
-> warmer weather here than home
-> working at my new job i had for three months before i moved (awesome place / people)
-> motivational / positive things 
-> meeting new people and how friendly they're
-> ha, someone that i don't know if it's the same someone (oh boy, what my life consists of .. when it comes to this area)
-> a new favorite book : the spectacular now by tim tharp 
-> wavy, curly beach hair 

in between 

-> fleecy pj bottoms 
-> fruit loop fruit snacks 
-> caramel drumsticks
-> joel osteen podcasts / devotional word
-> daily horoscope 
-> instagram 
-> old school snail mail cards gifts and letters (my all time favorite thing to do) 
-> cereal as a snack (fruit loops / captain crunch / sugar puff)
-> extended family via phone calls
-> jasmine rice still my favorite rice 
-> number 11, 11:11, 1:11 and so forth.. (number sequence still the same)
-> loving New York 
-> plum sauce 
-> talking to my friends via text message
-> photography 
-> reading 
-> tv shows 
-> movies 
-> shopping for others 
-> music

the hometown

-> vanilla bean hot chocolate from second cup
-> dairy queen hot fudge sundae 
-> strawberry banana orange julius 
-> edo
-> i-hop
-> dairy queen chocolate dipped waffle cone vanilla ice cream
-> pad thai general 
-> veggie works new york fries
-> sweet terkiyak chicken subway 
-> chinese food from mall
-> shopping
-> coffee dates w/friends
-> food dates w/friends
-> good conversation w/friends 
-> friends
-> lifesaver gummies
-> mixture of candies 
-> gummi bears 
-> a favorite book : a little love story by roland merullo
-> random weird craziness 

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