#8 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer




ACACIA SWIMWEAR, my girl introduced me to this fabulous swimwear duo last year. 
I honestly never heard of it ever. Man, this new stuff is to die for!
My favourite is the second bikini bottom and the last top and bottom print.
I know it's not summer or superly hot anymore, but it has to be shared! ;)

  • Fashion talk with one of my very small circle few besties. It makes my life, talking this stuff and ideas along with little details of things that come along even if it's packaging, it's included! :) I swear I blow up her phone with so many photos some days, haha! So I am going to share with you the same photos I shared with her today/{over the week} in our conversation via text.
  • Fashion lover at heart and deep down into the veins.

{all photos will be sourced and are not mine.} 


 This is also ACACIA SWIMWEAR and I thought the tissue paper print was
so pretty it had to be shared. 

Anine Bing boots are my favourite to swoon over,
along with browsing through elle_ferguson instagram
of style. She's such a babe. ;) They both are.


BALMAIN is too terrific! It is PERFECTION; I have no words!
Do you see the clothes, now that's powerful


I thought I would end off this post with our favourite blogger!
Her style is always killer and on point, never fails to amaze us.
Don't you just looooove those sandals?! {My eyes are flashing hearts!!}

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{I hope you enjoyed today's post and that is all I have for today.}
Happy Friday! 

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