#6 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer


What MY favorite dwelling place would be...

My room in 2013, which currently does not look like this, but I do not actually
have a current photo. This will have to do and sorry for the messy look.
The second photo is My PUPS.

  • Coming home in general but coming home to my room to also seeing my puppy from college life when I get the chances too. There wasn't so many chances at all last year, only Christmas and Reading week. :( My room is my cozy spot at home and is my dwelling place, because my mom is there back in my hometown, where I was raised and born, while I attend school. Considering that is most likely a bias answer {considering that would probably be anyone's answer away from home while in school} to this question in a way. MY other dwelling place would be sewing! Sometimes I can get so lost in what I am doing and I could have started early and look up, whoa?! It's midnight or one in the morning, insane! It feeds my soul and makes my heart happy. {btw - I am in fashion design, for those who have been curious but didn't really know and it is there first time on here since I started this challenge.}

{If you wanted to see any of the cool things I have done in my first year last year, let me know in the comments and I could do a blog post on that and share.} 

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