#21 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer


 to be truthfully, brutally, honestly..

  • I feel like I don't exactly know that definition of the word as a whole. {I know that sounds insane} I don't feel that I have ever had that vulnerable element of being okay, of being okay to say, talk or mention something without sheer panic, anxiety, being criticized or everybody relying on me. {Being the one person who they tell their issues to without hesitation, because I listen and don't judge.} I don't feel like I've really had the chance to ever feel free in a way; if I can say it in that context. I always feel these intense emotions on things, but sometimes I don't feel I can be so vulnerable but also safe to say anything. {I feel the only person I ever can be my complete self around and all aspects of my personality is my mom.} I can be crazy, wild, stubborn, full of insane laughter that leads to crazy laughter. I can be angry, pissed off, wild thoughts, ideas, helpful, resourceful and really any part of me no matter what. I think that my mom is the only person I feel safe to be me, myself and all parts of me that makes up me, no matter how crazy, how ridiculous or what i am fighting about and maybe my mom may not agree but supports my decisions. I most likely contradicted myself starting off, but I hope it explains a better understanding once I got in my mom as feeling safe. I guess my feeling safe would be of me as a person, wholeheartedly without a mask. - my mom. 

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