#19 || The Flower Child Fall Challenge by Kaihla Tonai, Photographer


was my homework..

  • however, the internet and connection even on my phone was being really annoying yesterday all day and still was this morning. I got my internet to work back normally, my phone well that's a different story. The signal strength is very minimal, where back on Monday was working completely fine, disappointed. My one assignment I had received yesterday was to gather information on a Canadian designer and one who isn't more than 10 years old in the business. I spent my time looking through a bunch of different ones and found one right away.

    Given as a gift from one my close friends. :)
  • I also had been gathering information watching Dawnchere talking in the morning before school and then re-watching it again once I was home from school. I loooooove whenever she preaches sermons, because she is so good! 

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